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What is Portugal Best Known for

What is Portugal Best Known for?

Portugal is closely integrated with its musical heritage and communicates its life and culture to the world. When visiting the home of a Portuguese friend or attending a festival, there are always the same classical songs that you will hear. This includes the beautiful fado to the upbeats of pimba.

Fado is Portugal's most well-known and leading traditional music. It's a song that expresses everything but is mainly characterized by gloomy and mournful tunes and lyrics. When done correctly, Fado can be a touching and beautiful song. The music genre started to stand out in Portugal during the mid-nineteenth century. However, the song was widely known a few decades later as it appeared in the theatre, cinema, and radio.

The most well-known Portugal singers include Carlos do Carmo, Ana Moura, Mariza and the one and only Amália Rodriguez, who turned fado into a worldwide phenomenon in 1943. You can simply head into Portugal’s town center and find street performers in Portugal performing the song. The city of Lisbon and Porto are the perfect places to find buskers in Portugal and catch some entertaining street performers in Portugal and even Portugal street performers performing in annual events.

Culture and Traditions in Portugal

Portugal is one of the oldest countries in the world, with over 800 years of rich history. The country has established several traditions and cultural traits throughout the centuries, which defined multiple areas of its land and society today.

The Portuguese highly appreciate art, as you can find many feature museums in the city capitals such as Lisbon, the Braga, and the University of Coimbra. Even the smaller municipalities have their collection of local arts. There is always a feature place designated for local art shows unless it's in the tiniest village. Arte AFK is among the trendiest art galleries in the country, located north of Lisbon city center, which showcases the artwork of paintings and photography of national and international artists.

The year-round cultural activity usually revolves around food, especially in the towns and villages. A lot of bread, garlic, olive oil, cheese and wine are among the favorite dishes to celebrate within a festival accompanied by traditional dance performances and songs. The holidays celebrate political events in Portugal's history, while some honor Mary, the mother of Jesus. Carnaval is one of the most celebrated events, which lasts over several days. During this cultural activity, the parades fill the streets where celebrants sing, dance and toss confetti. You'll find shopkeepers in a costume similar to the kids on Halloween.

Culture and Traditions in Portugal

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