BuskinCity 4.0 is finally here!

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BuskinCity is finally here!
BuskinCity 4.0 is finally here!

We are all super thrilled to present the updated 4.0 version of BuskinCity platform for our users.

For you as a Street Performer there are new features such as:

  • Digital Payment solutions with QR code
  • Direct bookings 
  • Special events, like festivals will sign up offering pitches to perform at.

For you as a City Organizer it will be easier to welcome street performer to your city!
You as a Ciyt Organizer can display your official city event calendar to attract more people and tourists to your city.

Another great new feature is You, the Audiences you will be able to follow your favourite street performer, see where they perform, donate, and also book the performers for your private or corporate party.
You will also be able to comment on the shows you just have seen.

There are a few features still work in progress, but we will update you as soon they are in place.
Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram were we will keep you updated with the latest buzz!

If you havent signed up yet, lets do it today!

Published on 22 April 2023 Last updated on 05 May 2023
Author: Thorsten Andreassen

Thorsten Andreassen


Street Performer Magic Thor - The Comedy Show! It´s a brutal mix of vaudeville, magic, juggling and stand-up. Verbal graffiti mixed with physical comedy. No matter if it´s a show in a Theatre, Street performance for a festival or a Corporate Event, Magic Thor has seduced, horrified and enchanted audiences of all ages around the world. Audience contact is and remains complete.