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The place for all the professional street performers looking for a bigger audience, making the world their new stage. (Photo: Olav Holten)

Our Mission & How We Started

We promote your talent and share it with worldwide viewers, as we know what you do is more than just a show. It's about your audiences and you as a street performer. In collaborations with cities we open up new pitches. Targeting cities with zero tolerence towards street art and advocate the art form.

How BuskinCity Works

Create Your Own Tour in Different Cities

BuskinCity helps Street Performers
to set up exciting tours in multiple cities. There will be different Special Events aswell were you can perform

Collect donations through a QR Code

Experience an easier and practical way to collect donations simply by scanning through a QR code!

Create a Bigger Audience of Followers

Let a bigger audience discover you and your superstar talent. And have the audience to follow you with the help of your unique QR-code.

Discounts on Hotels, Restaurants, and Travel

Get prices off exclusive accommodations around Europe as a street performer of our community.

Why Should You Join BuskinCity?

The reason why is simple. The concept of BuskinCity creates jobs and income for a very special kind of performer - a performer who usually isn't working the theatres but is nomadic and "untied" in character. It also creates culture in city centers without putting the burden of finance on the city (through citizens) or other actors. Buskin' is one of the great ways to provide art and street life that is not motivated by commercial actors but rather the performers themselves who set the terms. Furthermore, it's a borderless community of performers which means that one day you can have a Swedish small-town juggler, and the next you'll have Italian pair-acrobats.

It's a great complement to the city, and as we've learned in Stockholm and Halmstad, the audience loves it. The craft and the artform (because it is both) are designed to appeal to the audience (it's voluntary to pay). The performers have no obligations to funders or venues, meaning they are very free to express themselves.

Buskin' as a phenomenon is worth supporting. With the system we are co-developing with the municipalities, it will be easier and faster for public bodies to facilitate "free" art in the city centers. And easier for artists to be able to provide it.


Facts & Terminology 

about Street Performance

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City or Organizer? We Find the Best Talented Street Performers for Your City

BuskinCity helps Cities and Event Organizers set up loHeadingcations (also known as Pitches) to welcome professional street performers to their cities or events. Sign up and let street performers mesmerize your audiences today!

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