6 Magic Tips and Trick to Become a Beginner Magician

6 Magic Tips and Trick to Become a Beginner Magician

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5 Minute Read

Everyone knows the word ‘abracadabra’ as we usually correlate it with a magician with a deck of cards and tricks that seem out of the ordinary at our friend’s birthday party. Magical performances like these are usually the first kind of entertainment we experience as a child. As our minds are naturally fascinated by illusions that seem to defy what we know to be true. As the human mind continues to evolve, magic tricks also continue to entertain us and break the boundaries of reality.

Magic is an entertaining act where a performer convinces the audience that they are looking at an impossible feat by using everyday objects. None of the performers have any paranormal or superpower abilities to perform these magic tricks. Instead, they use practiced deception to create illusions. It’s acting where the magicians show a reality to the audience while hiding another reality that only the performers are aware of.

Most common magic tricks

Before we start giving you the tips, you must know the many kinds of magic and every magician has their specific style in their routine. Most illusions have been passed down from generation to generation of magicians and use these magic tricks in various combinations.


A vanishing trick is when a magician makes an object or a person disappear entirely. The most common examples are when they throw a ball in the air, which magically disappears. The biggest disappearing acts manage to disappear large objects such as national monuments.  


In contrast to the vanishing act, the production act is where magicians make something come out of nothing, like pulling a rabbit out of a hat or a person from a box.


This is an act of altering an object’s proper form or properties. This includes changing a paper’s color and transforming a piece of wood into a dog.  


This act consists of a magician appearing to destroy or disassemble something that seems impossible to repair, but they eventually fix them back. The typical examples of this trick are cutting an assistant in half and making them whole again.


This act is a combination of production and vanishing is where a magician makes something appear from one place or location to another.


Also known as a doubled transportation, the transposition act creates the illusion of multiple objects to change places.


The magician makes something appear to defy gravity and levitate, usually for a limited amount of time.


This performance consists of the magician breaking free from restraints like handcuffs or jackets. These performances are usually combined with death traps like the famous act from Harry Houdini, who escaped a straight-jacket while in a water tank.


A magician predicts the outcome or an audience’s choice, such as the chosen card secretly kept behind their hands or the top of the deck.


The classic act of linking and unlinking steel rings is a classic example of the penetration act. It’s where a magician makes a solid object seem to pass or combine with another thing easily.

Tips for beginner magicians

Are you interested in becoming a magician so you can entertain your family and friends or even becoming the star of a magic stage? Then follow these tips and to your magical journey.

1. Start with mastering a few tricks

Learning a card trick or a few coin tricks perfectly that you can perform anytime is enough for you to perform a magic show. It is better to perfect a few tricks than perform ten or more tricks that aren’t convincing.

2. Magic is an acting game

Keep in mind that the key to a magic trick is never to give away the secret you’re doing to make these illusions. As the magician quote states, “a magician never gives away their secret.” Instead of focusing on what you’re secretly doing, focus on your performance instead.

3. Always perform for an audience

Magic is a deceptive performance, and you at least need two audiences to make it work. It’s not possible to be deceived by a magic trick simultaneously. So, it’s not a magic trick if you’re not performing it in front of an audience. You’ll become more comfortable after performing in front of an audience multiple times. Also, looking at your audience’s reaction is always thrilling.

4. Add your own style

It’s a plus if you have your own personality and worldview, making your performances more memorable. This doesn’t mean that you should invent your tricks, but performing the same tricks as other magicians with your character will differentiate your show.

5. Don’t be nervous

Keep the show going even if you’ve made a mistake, stay confident and gain control by acting or a little improvising despite the error.

6. Keep practicing

Practice is the key, whether you’re learning the simpler magic tricks with cards and rubber bands just for a hobby or if you’re determined to become a star magician with complicated tricks and stunts. Performing any new tricks always seems complicated at first at any level but gets easier after every practice. Focus on a trick and work on it step-by-step until it becomes part of your body and eventually becomes an effortless movement. The goal is to become excellent so that no one can catch your sleight of hand. Learn from all your mistakes and remember to have fun and enjoy the process!

We hope this guide has inspired you to start your journey as a magician, whether it’s only for a hobby or professional purpose! Once you’ve mastered your magic tricks and thrilled a lot of your audiences, be sure to check out BuskinCity for a place for talented street performers and buskers. This includes street magicians and other performances like musicians and dancers looking for a bigger, worldwide stage for your talents.

Published on 04 April 2023 Last updated on 04 April 2023
Author: Naufal Rivaldi

Naufal Rivaldi