Silea Performing Artist Portugal


Multidisciplinary Circus

Silea is a multitalented performer. From a young age, she participated in competition sports which eventually opened the gates for her to the circus and performing world. She graduated at the State Ballet and Circus School Berlin and is now a sought after and internationally booked performer. From dancing on a world-class level on the tightwire to performing innovative aerial acrobatics on chains or moving poetically on the silks, Silea is an accomplished performer in a range of varied circus skills. She masterly balances across an array of bottles, wows with a charming ventriloquism act and eats gracefully razor blade in a timeless classic sideshow act. All of these acts can be booked for corporate events, classical cabaret shows, street festivals, fairs and elegant dinner shows. For events that want full-length programs, Silea offers her fabulously delightful 30 minute solo show. This show can also be performed longer upon request. Fluent in five languages her show can be staged in German, English, French, Italian or Swedish. Furthermore, Silea is also part of various ensembles, including the "Theater Lufttanz" or "Die Artistokraten".

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