Azuleo Azuleo


"Nueva Tharsis" was released in 2008 by guitarist and composer Abel Sanchez, as an offering to his native Andalusia. After moving to Berlin, the group Azuleo arose out of many musical gatherings in the Berlin music scene. The compositions on the first album "Contigo" (2013) were born from collaborations with singer and flutist Elena Botica. Other components of Azuleo include French jazz saxophonist Joseph Carpentier, Berlin multi-instrumentalist and recording engineer Jonas Fehrenberg, who is also producer of the band, and Palestinian-german percussionist Romeo Natur. "Contigo" was released at the legendary Círculo de Arte in Toledo, Spain, and presented in Bilbao, Barcelona, Valencia, Brussels, Paris, Bordeaux, Maastricht, Köln and many other european and brazilian cities.. Their second album "La Senda" was released in hometown Berlin and includes collaborations of violin and trumpet. The album got a very good review by media and audience. 2014 was also a successful year for the band, on tour all around Europe. One year after, Abel Sánchez was on the line-up of the Flamenco Festival. Nowadays they're recording the thi

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