Rhoda Lopez Portugal

Di Filippo Marionette


Hello - Ciao! Welcome to our world - Benvenuti in nostro mondo! The company Di Filippo Marionette was created by Remo Di Filippo in 2012 after two years of work and research in the world of puppetry at the Taller Pepe Otal Workshop in Barcelona, Spain. Rhoda Lopez joined the company in 2014 bringing her Musical Theatre background into the mix. The company has toured in professional circuits in more than ten countries , and hopes to continue to share the world with their puppets , and share their puppets with the world . Currently based in Italy , Di Filippo Marionette also organizes the Hors Lits Festival in Offida and International FOF ( Figure Offida Festival ) in Offida, Italy . Visit them on www.difilippomarionette.com. We look forward to meeting you and playing in your town or city!

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