Martin  Isernhagen


Multidisciplinary Circus

Mantega started his performing career at the age of 15 on the streets of Brazil. When he was 18 he moved to Canada for a year where he learned English and performed circle shows in different provinces. After that he went to Spain where he kept developing his street performing skills as well as working with his older brother in a successful Juggling-Magic show called “Ilusia” designed for resorts and hotels in Mallorca. In 2008 he went into partnership with his best friend, and they began performing together as a duo called “Anonymous Brothers”. They created the show 'Almost Impossible” and toured all over the world (Europa, Asia, Africa, America), with great success. In the following years, Mantega was involved in many different projects, such as B.U.S.T, with whom he toured Central America for 4 months together with another 15 artists, and Familia Krapuchnikov; a vaudeville variete show created in Berlin. The show “Sunset Circus” was created in 2013, aimed at hotels and resorts in the Cape Verdean Islands. In 2015 he decided to create something on his own, resulting in the birth of the short stage act 'Bazof' and the show &#

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