Zachary Washer Portugal


Multidisciplinary Circus

Zach grew up in the heart of Auckland, New Zealand. As a child he would have never guessed what would become of him later on in life. Probably just flipping burgers in the family business or perhaps selling vacuum cleaners over the phone. But that changed when little Zach was about 13 and first met the world of street performing. As a young member of the Auckland juggling club his passion for circus really began to grow. The simple task of gathering a crowd and having a laugh with some strangers was completely glamourous for the young juggler. Inspired, he set off to the local clown college to make his dreams come true. Specialising in handstands and german wheel, Zaktakular quickly developed skills and abilities sought after by the best circus' in New Zealand and abroad. But after a brief stint working in the Bigtop, he found himself back on the street doing what he always wanted to do, making accessible entertainment for everybody.

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