Mauro  Cosenza Machado

El Gran Enano


Mauro Cosenza Machado was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, on December 7, 1988. At 18, his life takes a turn when resounding knows the world of urban circus artists and begins with the art of juggling, first as a hobby and then as a profession. Discover a while after its ease and love within the clown which helps a lot to manage in the street art and achieve pleasing audiences with his charisma. His training began in 2007 in Uruguay attending workshops, courses and self-taught. Which provokes a strong desire to expand their knowledge and decided to start traveling to other countries. Since an early age, he achieved a fast development and passion in every technical choice (Clown and Juggling), which led him to present his show in a lot of different places all around the world. He has done many presentations in circus and street festivals, varietés, theaters, forums and events. He was part of the organization of many festivals such as: 1st and 2nd "International Circus Festival Ozomatli Mexico", in Mexico City; 2º "Circus Festival Rodó" in Montevideo (Uruguay), and the 1st "Festi Rua" in Brasilia (Brazil).

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