Mario Morris Portugal

Mario Morris

Multidisciplinary Circus

I am an international street performer and entertainer for more then 20 years and perform my street show around the world - both busking and organised events. I am also a stage and cabaret performer, public speaker and trainer. I founded the School of Busking in Cardiff UK in 2006 and teach students from around the world through my workshops and courses. I am part of the faculty of the Magic & Mystery School in Las Vegas since 2010 and return each year to co host the Focus on Street Magic course. I have won awards for both close up and stage magic, 1st place as The People Choice in Street Festivals as well as receiving the award for the FIFA (Football Association) Family Stand for Cardiff City Football Club. As well as busking my way around the world I also take on contracts with corporate companies when they arise. I love the freedom that busking gives me and the opportunities I am able to take on because my street performing experiences.

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