Edgardo  Gonzalez Calafell


Multidisciplinary Circus

Edgardo Gonzalez Calafell having always been a clown, became interested in the stage at the age of 15. He practiced different circus arts at “La Paternal” cultural centre in Buenos Aires and at the Acrobatics School of Granada University. In the meantime taking different kind of workshops in clownerie, physical theater, street performing and acting with various teachers as Hilary Chaplain, Loco Brusca, Chacovachi, Mauro Wolynski and Rodrigo Aragón. Settling in Spain he went on to set up the “La Mona y El Boqueron” cultural centre in 2003 alongside several other artists. This was to attract the welcome influence of companions and maestros from France, Spain, Poland, Italy and Argentina. With this collective of scenic artists of different nationalities, styles and disciplines begins a cycle of monthly varietés lasting for five years. Works such as the following arise: Cabaret Subterrano (2006), Tutti a bordo (2006), El Rincón de Maikel Tano (2008), El Caballero rojo (2012) and Esto es cualquiera (2013). From 2009-2010 Papito worked with CIA Rolabola of Málaga in the show “Plácidos Domingos”. In 2012 he co-creat

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