Maria Eva Mesa Portugal


Multidisciplinary Circus

My name is María Eva Mesa. I was born in Argentina more precisely in Córdoba..I started juggling in 2004 in Brazil where i was to train the ''Fundicao progreso'' (rio do janeiro) and the ''Circo no beco'' (Sao Paulo).I continued my long way to juggle specializing in clavs, unicicle andcontact ball. During 2005 and 2006 i took music lessons (Clarinet) at the ''Escuela de música popular de Avellaneda'' (EMPA, Buenos Aires), classes at the ''escuela de circo de Berazategui'' and some clown workshops with; Tomate, Chacovachi y Fogonazo (greats argentine clowns) among others....By the year 2008 i moved to live in Madrid where i started taking lessons in classical and contemporary dance at the ''Escuela de danza del ayuntamiento de Madrid de la Latina'' and to attend seminars dance and balances in the ''Escuela de Circo de Alcorcón'' (EMCA).I have also taken initiation seminars kink (Ane Mirem) and juggling

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