Anne Vogel



The influences of her working life are coming from encounters of inspiring teachers and artists she met in her travels and training. Starting with theatre and dance in her childhood, Anne later on met great dances from allover such as the Indian Odissi, the Argentinian Murga or Balkan Folkdances. In 2011 Anne Vogel took part in a 3month course of "dance improvisation and performance" at bewegungs-art in Freiburg, which still influences her a lot. The passion for circus and choreography took its beginning in a Circus for children in Hamburg where Anne teached the basics of disciplines such as tight wire, trapeze, acrobatics. Here Anne Vogel created small pieces for the children and learned a lot about choreography in praxis. In Spain, Italy and Germany Anne organized together with friends cabarets and varietes where performaning arts mixed up to form a large whole. Lately inspirations are coming from the performance projects "Inesperedamente Murcia" and "Jobs 3.0 inside" iniciated by Grupo Oito in 2014. Anne Vogel practices Hula Hoop for 4years now and is now working on moved and moving solos.

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