Nacho Rey Portugal

Manic Freak


He performed in festivals in Spain, Germany, France, Portugal and Argentina, and he also went to Ecuador, Mexico, Guatemala, Morocco, Egypt, Costa Rica, Scotland, Holland and England, to present his show independently. He won the First Place in the “Festival da Rua de Povao do Barzim” in Portugal. He took part of the “Colectivo Circo” company. In 2009, he founded “Mala Praxis” and went on tour around the south of Argentina. This tour was called “Temporada del Fin del Mundo”. In 2010, he participated in the “Payasos sin Fronteras” organization by performing in Haiti. He worked at “Rambo Circus” in India. In 2011, he held performances in the historical center of Kathmandu, Nepal, for the benefit of a NGO in this city.

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