Beck Wilson Portugal


Multidisciplinary Circus

Beck comes from a background of Circus, Kung Fu, Ballet and Journalism and has created unique and diverse solo, duo and group performances all over the world. Beck has toured her solo show “Strawberry” in Italy, France, Canada, Austria Switzerland, Scotland, the UK, Croatia, Netherlands and throughout Australia. She has performed solo and in groups including The Tiny Top, Acts of Absurdity, SERVO, Bizircus, The Big Top Circus Show and Tony’ s Imaginary Circus, Beck co produced, directed and performed in the 11th National Circus Festival on Rottnest Island and has produced and performed in a series of commissioned works including A Space Oddity, Skiers Sans Frontiers, Bare Bones Cabarets, In the Belly of the circus, Juiced Beats, The Lovers and local and international cabarets. Beck has a BA in Film Television/Journalism and Theatre Arts Curtin University. Beck has directed dramas and documentaries for SBS Australia, is an acrobat, dancer, circus performer and musician. Beck has taught and performed acrobatics, circus and theatre skills at WAAPA, The School of Total Theatre, National Circus Festivals and at festivals in Australia and overseas.

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