Jorge Martin Denda Portugal


Multidisciplinary Circus

Jorge Martin Denda started his artistic carreer under the influences of theater in primary school, in Argentina. Further on, he sat for formal circus studies (Ricardo Rojas Cirkus School) and music studies (Violin in the Jose Hernandez Conservatory) He came back in Buenos Aires to continue his studies incorporating new techniques as Mime, Clown, Air acrobatics (Tissue) and Dance. He also created and had been part of several projects and companies, like: CK Circus, Circo Q, Kaleidocircus, Circo Minimo, making it possible for "Pololo Clown" to emerge to life. As part of his artistic development, he joined "Cirque del asombro" and "Circo de las artes" as musician and juggler, what will also give birth to "Johan Sebastian Lopez" He moved then to Belgium where he is complement his studies incorporating other two new disciplines: Cyr wheel and Beat Vox. Since 2011 he goes for summer festivals in several countries such as Belgium, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, France and Spain. During wintertime, he moves to India, Thailandia and Camerun, where he performs at free will feeding his project "Smile Miles" and "Clowns without border

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