Gustavo Hoyos Portugal

Umami Dancetheatre


Umami is a japanese word that means "nice flavour" and it's one of the 5 basic flavours with sweet, acid, bitter and salty. We are Gustavo Hoyos (Spain) and Jerome Leperlier (France) Bboying (Breakdance) dancers, with wide experience in the dance world, and we got together in december of 2013 in Madrid with a clear objetive, perform our shows in the streets and theatres of the cities, transforming the squares in improvised stages. they perform in several festivals like: Dubai Street Festival 2014, TACVA Valladolid 2014, Imaginarius Festival 2014(Portugal), Cococalypse 2014(Berlin), Oxido Fest 2014 (Madrid), Circarte 6 (Alicante, Spain) Madrid Activa 2014-15, St. Gallen Buskers Festival 2015(Switzerland), Glastonbury Festival 2015-16( UK), PIT Festival 2015(Norway) Fantastika Festival 2015-16(Austria), Got Talent Spain ’16 (Madrid), Fools Festival ’16 (Ireland), Black-box Fest ’16 (Bulgaria), RedBull BC One SpainCypher’16 (Madrid), Buskers Chur ’16 (Switzerland), Noctegraus ‘16(Spain), Pflasterspektakel Linz’16 (Austria), Festiwal OFCA ’16 (Poland), Theaterspektakel Zurich ’16 (Switzerland), Stroossefestival’16 (Luxemburg).

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