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Nacho Vilar Producciones

Juan Montoro Lara is the author of this play. He studied Education and different courses on Drama, playwriting, screen writing and filmmaking. He has participated in numerous plays as an actor and he has directed four short films. He has written several works, including: Dancing with wolves,Point blank, Oluz-zulo, The Adventure of Tarik and Salah and Naked on the inside (included in Matadero, Site TOT. Frinje Festival Madrid. 2014). He has also published poetry, short stories and plays. Sara Serrano is the director of Crudo Ingente. She has a Degree in Performing Arts and Art History and a Master's in Theatre Practice (Univ. of Manchester). She has made incursions into the field of multimedia installation and a long experience in production and cultural management. Among her latest projects: Cosh. Playing Around Invisibility, with Brigida Molina, performed for the first time at E & G Teater, in Lofoten (Norway). She also works in a theatre company called Teatro de Altura Grupo Puja! Currently, she lives in Oslo, where she regularly collaborates with the Ossavy & Kolbenstvedt and Jo Strømgren Kompani and she frequently travels to Spain to participate in several

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