Jan Von Ungern-sternberg

Jan Himself

Multidisciplinary Circus

Jan comes from the Variété scene. Since 2015 he works with his street show. He plays it either in Street festivals, or in “Real Street”. He wants to be more close to the audience. He plays diabolo since 15 years. He obtained a bachelor in Circus Arts, after graduating from the university Codarts, in Rotterdam in 2013. Resume: - 20 minutes show in the Spoffin Street art festival, Amersfoort, NL - Street shows in “real street” all around Switzerland. - VIP party for «Cirque Du Soleil», event «Tapis Rouge», Amsterdam, NL - GOP Cruise ship «Varieté auf hoher See», Canary Islands - Christmas season in Wintergarten Theater, Phantasialand, DE - «Off Night Show» in the Chamaeleon Variety, Berlin, DE - Corporate event for «Calvin Klein», «Biotherm», «HEC»… trough all Switzerland, CH - Show «R’vue de Genève 2009», Geneva, CH - Artist in the DVD «Planète Diabolo». This project presents the best diabolo artists in the world.

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