David Aiken Portugal

The Checkerboard Guy


David Aiken studied Theatre at the University of Ottawa, but his Checkerboard Guy character was developed in the 1980s through trial and error and hundreds and hundreds of street shows. This character hit such a chord with audiences that he's been touring and performing at venues around the world ever since. Awards along the way have included - • The People’s Choice Award Winner at the Ottawa Buskers Festival. • Co-Winner of The Most Original Act Award at Buskers Halifax. • Four-time Winner of the People’s Choice Award at The Kingston Buskers Rendezvous. • Two-time Winner of the Best Over-All Act at the Kingston Buskers Rendezvous. His Checker-abilities include: • Juggling everything from balls, clubs, ping-pong balls (with his mouth), bowling balls (not with his mouth), torches, medieval battle axes and even stinky shoes. • Manipulating everything from cigar boxes, top hats, shaker cups, spinning plates and balls, cracking whips, and some wicked balloon origami • Mounting and/or riding giraffe unicycles, stilts, free-standing ladders, tight and slack ropes and super stunt scooters • And let’s not forget the ancient arts of kendama and knibbling!

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