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What is United Kingdom Best Known for

What is United Kingdom Best Known for?

The British music scene has taken the world by storm and has dominated international charts for decades. Artists and bands such as The Beatles, Queen and Led Zeppelin are considered musical icons. They have entertained millions of people worldwide with their songs still frequently played on the radio. Today, the UK's musical talents show no sign of slowing down, as singers like Adele, Ed Sheeran and Calvin Harris are still on top of everyone's Spotify list. Whether you're a music fan or not, you'll find raw talents within the streets of the UK's biggest cities such as London, Manchester, Liverpool and much more.

Thanks to The Beatles and their legendary album cover of the band walking across the Abbey Road, the pedestrian crossing on a London road is a must-visit tourist attraction for music fans the location is also a hotspot to find buskers in the UK and a plethora of street performers in the UK. The Wireless Festival, Lovebox, South West Four are some of London's and even the country's most anticipated music festivals that also feature the best of British Street performers.

Culture and Traditions in UK

Britain is full of rich culture and traditions that have been around for centuries and are famous worldwide. When you think of the UK, the first thing that comes to mind is probably drinking tea, wearing bowler hats and eating fish and chips. There is much more to the UK than just these things.

England was historically an extremely homogeneous country and developed its traditions, but during the expansion of the British Empire, the country was influenced by the people throughout the globe. The English culture is now a mixture of diverse contributions from Asians, Afro-Caribbeans, Muslims and other immigrant groups. This influence can be seen in the culinary side of where fish and chips have given way to Chinese, Indian and Italian cuisine. The local rock-based music blends with Asian rap and Afro-Caribbean salsa, and even the English language itself is beginning to alter from the influence of the world's tongues.

Even when England becomes more culturally diverse, it still offers strong cultural influence throughout the rest of the world. This includes the English music, movies, and literature enjoyed by audiences around the globe. Besides that, the English currency has gained popularity as the leading international medium and is used for global economic exchange.

Culture and Traditions in UK

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