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What is Sweden Best Known for?

Swedish is no doubt the master of pop music. There's a good chance that you've heard Sweden-created music, even if you can't name a current musician off the top of your head.

Swedish-written and produced songs, including the top British and American hits such as ABBA, have been at the leader board's top since 1974. Ever since the success of ABBA, the band has opened doors for more Swedish acts, including Roxette, Robyn, Avicii, Lykke Li and much more. They have gained popularity in their music over the years.

These Swedish street performers also flourished in the country's streets, with famous international street festivals such as the Stockholm Street Festival, which takes place every year since its first edition in 2010. Other shows and performances from Gothenburg's Nightlife, Swedish Design Tour, Gothenburg Instagram Tour are the best places to catch Swedish bands and to find buskers in Sweden. BuskinCity helps you find the best pop musicians and top street performers in Sweden to cheer up your event.

Culture and Traditions in Sweden

Sweden is known for all the green spaces as it is one of the largest countries in the European Union, with only 10 million residents as its total population. It's easy to find green havens to relax in that surround the busy Swedish cities. Green is also the mindset of the Swedish people as environmental consciousness runs within the country's culture along with the Nordic countries in general.

Due to the country's northern latitude, Sweden swings from one end of the daylight spectrum to the other in one year. In the middle of summer, the north peaks of Sweden experience a phenomenon known as the midnight sun. This causes the sun to stay above the horizon, which creates 24 hours of daylight.

Sweden is for all the coffee lovers in the world! In fact, the Nordics ranks on the list of the world's biggest coffee drinkers. The Swedish people love coffee so much that there's a special word called "fika" used for taking a coffee break. You don't want to miss a relaxing moment in a Swedish café with a hot beverage and a traditional cinnamon roll and Swedish meatballs!


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