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What is Spain Best Known for

What is Spain Best Known for?

The Spanish music scene has topped worldwide charts and the nation's festivals and celebrations. Everyone knows the hit Despacito, which dominated the music charts in 2017 along with Macarena, the 90's pop that is just as big in Spain as it is everywhere else. Even though most songs you hear in Bars are American and British hits, Spain also has a lot of home-grown talent. Spanish bands know how to make their songs the catchiest pop songs around, such as Macarena, Los Del Rio, David Bisbal and much more. You can still expect to hear some of these hits often in Spanish clubs.

Barcelona's iconic boulevard that stretches nearly a mile long is where you'll find the Spanish street performers and performers capturing both tourists' and the local's attention with their amusing costumes and performances. While you stroll along with experiencing the live art, you can also walk across an art piece by the famous Spanish artist Joan Miro, a grand circular street mosaic in vibrant colors usually surrounded by Spanish musicians. The work was created in 1967 and restored for its 30th anniversary and it's the perfect spot to find buskers in Spain.

Culture and Traditions in Spain

Spain has some of the most unique cultures in the whole European nation. The country is known for its popular drinks and lively festivals.

The siesta is one of its best-known cultural traditions. Both students and workers usually go home around lunchtime to spend their time resting or socializing before going back into their studies or workplace. The siesta was initially a way to avoid the midday heat and it's still a tradition held in Spain today. Spain's more prominent cities like Barcelona and Madrid have mostly moved on from this tradition to a full-time working day, but the la siesta still applies to smaller towns in the country.

The Flamenco is also a famous Spanish tradition but is also often misunderstood. People refer to it as a dance show, but the dance is not the main ritual for Flamenco. Instead, it's a musical act that focuses more on the guitar, vocals and rhythm instead of dancing. The authentic Flamenco is a spontaneous style, but the flamenco dancing requires a little planning as it requires appropriate attire. You can hear flamenco music and check out flamenco dancing all over the country.


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