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What is Netherlands Best Known for

What is Netherlands Best Known for?

A walk through the city will feel like a visit to a mind-blowing art gallery due to its majestic walls covered by numerous elaborate murals. The city's street performers have also shown off the best and fantastic work in Street Art Amsterdam where you can also find buskers in the Netherlands. Walking along the town’s streets will also let you witness the dutch entertainers including the country’s top singers, musicians and other street performers in the Netherlands.

Circus has also been a long tradition in the country. The Netherlands National Circus is an event both locals and tourists come to enjoy. It’s an animal-free traditional show where it starts out with a few clown performances and other various acts. The circus then goes through some other fascinating performances that include Diablo juggler, jaw-dropping aerial performances and much more.

Culture and Traditions in Netherlands

The Netherlands is the sixth happiest country in the world!

The Dutch are best known for their direct personalities, or simply put, they are honest and open. Based on the United Nations data, the total population of the Netherlands reached over 17 million in august 2020. Its total land area of 33,000 square kilometers gives it a population density of 500 people per square kilometer. Yes, that's quite a lot, as this makes the Netherlands the most densely populated country in Europe and one of the most densely populated countries in the world. Over 40% of the 'Randstad' populations are between Utrecht, The Hague, Rotterdam and Amsterdam.

There's nothing more iconically Dutch than a pair of wooden clogs. The people have been wearing these solid shoes or known as "klompen," since medieval times to protect their feet during hard labor. These hard shoes were made for the job as they are sturdy, waterproof, and easy to clean. You can still see someone wearing them today in the rural Netherlands areas. However, they are now mostly sold as tourist souvenirs. Today, with a whopping six million of them being made every year, there's certainly won't be any difficulty for you to pick a size, that is, if you are willing to wear them!

Culture and Traditions in Netherlands

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