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What is Belgium Best Known for

What is Belgium Best Known for?

Even though Belgium is known for its chocolate, beer and waffles, it has a colorful and vibrant musical culture. The music in Belgium is a mix of Flemish Dutch, German and French, and a mixture of many other foreign languages. This is due to the unique traits of Belgium as a country, as there are three official languages based on the regions: Flemish-Dutch, French and German.

In the streets, the Belgium people enjoy listening and performing American music. It is usually an instrumental cover on the saxophone or other brass instrument. The streets also usually play different popular music styles, including African Congo, due to the large immigrant numbers from Congo way back when it was considered a Belgium territory. Other types of music include classical jazz to hip-hop.

In the spring of every year, Belgium usually prepares for an epic festival season such as Tomorrowland, Rock Werchter, Pukkelpop and much more! These events are the perfect time to find buskers in Belgium along with catching the local Belgian musicians and other street performers in Belgium.

Culture and Traditions in Belgium

Belgium is one of the smallest countries in the EU that has produced some well-known artists and innovative thinkers. You can find many gorgeous and historical cities along with the finest food and rich culture for a small country. Belgium is known for their tolerance and diplomacy and according to international polls, they are one of the most satisfied countries in the world! The country is home to NATO and the European Union. Belgium has been influenced by multiple countries, including Dutch, French, Spanish and Austrian, making it a unique country with a combination of traditional cultures.

The country is known for moules Frites (mussels served with French fries) and waffles which are popular snacks. Belgian chocolate is also known globally and is considered the country's cultural institution. Chocolates like Godiva, Neuhaus, Leonidas and others are known for their truffles sold in a small and unique cardboard box. Indeed, the chocolate business is one of Belgium's main food exports, with most of the products shipped into other European countries.
Beer is a national beverage for Belgium, as hundreds of breweries and cafes are the hotspots for Belgians to enjoy various local brews. This includes the famed Trappist and lambic varieties. Most beers have a distinctive glasses style depending on what they are served. And many of the seasonal brews according to the holidays and celebrations. Some unique brews are made for special occasions, such as weddings. It's a tradition that started in the early 1900s when breweries can be found in every village.


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