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BuskinCity simplifies and automates the booking process of top street performers in your city, our community of performers is highly qualified and reviewed by our jury.

Highly Qualified Street Performers in Your Country

Looking for top performers to bring life to your streets? BuskinCity will connect top performers with your pitches and bring top entertainment to your streets.

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Bring the Best Entertainment to the Streets of Sweden

Swedish is the pop music capital. There is a high chance that you've heard Sweden-originated music, even if you can't name a current musician off the top of your head. Here your can start to find buskers in Sweden for your event.

Bring Entertainment to Holland

Experience the artistic street in Netherland’s city walls covered by endless detailed murals. Circus has also been a long tradition in the country. So you can find buskers in Netherlands for your next event easily.

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find buskers in denmark | street performers | BuskinCity

Bring Up Denmark's Hidden Talents Since the 70s

Denmark has plenty of iconic songs from legendary artists and singers. You can even find buskers in Denmark easily for your event. The Danish pop music scene exploded in the 1970s, with Gasolin, TV-2, and Anne Linner.

Show Up The Multilingual Talents of Belgium Street Performers

Besides the well-known Belgium chocolate and waffles, the country has a plethora of musical culture. The music in Belgium is a mix of Flemish Dutch, German and French, and many other foreign languages. Find Busker in Belgium you like for your next event here.

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The Ever Growing Talented Street Performers in Germany

In Germany, highly regarded music plays an essential role in the country’s history and recreation. Find buskers in Germany is easy. You can find various street musicians, from the traditional Schlager, the historic and dynamic pop and rock, to Bach's stunning and renowned classical compositions.

Work with The Funky Upbeats of Spain’s Street Performers

Spanish music has crowned worldwide charts and celebrations for decades, such as 2017 hit Despacito, along with the 90’s pop hit Macarena that is just as big in Spain as it is everywhere else. It's also easy to find buskers in Spain if you want to organize an event in this country.

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Organize Event with Legendary musical Talents in UK’s Streets

British music has dominated international charts for generations. Musicians and bands such as The Beatles and Queen are considered musical icons, with new rising stars such as Harry Styles, continue to dominate the music scene today. If you want to organize an event, we confirm that it's very easy to find buskers in UK.

Bring Top Skilled Street Performers in Portugal

Portugal’s rich musical heritage communicates Portuguese life and culture to the world. When attending a Portuguese festival and even visiting a Portuguese house, you will probably hear classic songs such as Fado.

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